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video production equipment

Gear Locker

Here at TAPS, we have a tight crew of talented video production professionals that have specific roles during each process of production. With this, we come with our set of tools.

To save on costs, each piece of gear we bring to set is owned. The days of renting gear are behind us. We can't possibly list it all so here is a bit of what we have in our gear locker.



RED Epic Dragon 6K Cinema Camera

RED DSMC2 Gemini 5K Cinema Camera

RED Komodo 6K Cinema Camera x2

Sony A7R IVA 61MP 35mm Full Frame Camera

Canon 5D Mark III Full Frame Camera

GoPro Hero 5 x2


Innovativ 42 Voyager Camera Cart

Sachtler DV-6 Fluid Tripod

Sachtler DV-12 Fluid Tripod

Sachtler Caddy Fluid Tripod

Sachtler Video 14 II Fluid Tripod

Miller Compass 12 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Miller Tripod CX2

Ascending Works Ray Rig Car Rig w/ Cont.

RayRig Speed Rail Camera Car

Manfrotto 504 Head x2

Benro S8 Pro Video Head

Fancier Tripod FC-270 Pro

RED Rock Micro DSLR Field Cinema Standard Bundle V2

Dana Dolly Universal Kit

Dana Dolly High Hat

Dana Dolly Track Ends

Dana Dolly Track Kit

Matthews Low Boy Stand x2

Kanova Slider K3 31.5” 48lbs

Manfrotto X-GoMax Carbon Fiber Tripod


DJI RoninS2 w/ Tilta Ring Package

FlyCam Flowline Master Camera Support

EasyRig Cinema 3 w/ Serene Arm 400N

EasyRig Cinema 3 w/ Serene Arm 700N

EasyRig EasyTilt Gimbal System

FreeFly MoVI M10

GlideCam HD2000

DJI Ronin S

DJI Ronin 2

Emotimo Spectrum ST4

Dana Dolly Portable Dolly System

Rhino 24'' Arc II Motorized Slider

OneWheel GT


Aputure Light Storm LS 600D Pro x2

Aputure LS C300D

Aputure NOVA P300C RGBWW Panel x2

Aputure Light Tube x2

Aputure F22C Flexible Light Mat

Aputure Accent B7C LED 4-Light Kit

Aputure MC RGBWW Mini LED Travel Kit

Amaran 200x Bicolor x4

LED Bicolor Panel x2

EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Softbox

Aputure Light Dome II x2

Matthews Flag x2

Canvas Grip 6x6" 1/2 Silent Grid Cloth

Canvas Grip 6x6" Full Silent Grid Cloth

Canvas Grip 6x6" 1/4 Silent Grid Cloth

Canvas Grip 6x6" Poly Silk

Canvas Grip 48x96" Ultrabounce Floppy

Canvas Grip 48x96" Floppy



Avenger C-Stand x15

Pelican 1650 Case x2

Pelican 1510 Case x3

Pelican 1170 Watertight Hard Case

Think Tank Roller Bag

Sachtler Camera Bag x2

Vaxis Directors Cage

CineBags CB25 Back Pack x2

SKB iSeries Case (Custom Dana Dolly Case)

Matthews Apple Box x4

Matthews Heavy Duty Saddle Back Sandbag 20 lbs x9

Canvas Grip Heavy Duty Saddle Back Sandbag 35 lbs x4

Canvas Grip 6x6' Frames x2

Gen Cable 15A Stinger Extension 25’ x6

Matthews Quaker Clamp

Custom “TAPS Media” Slate


Switronix Core SWX Hypercore 98Wh V-Mount Lithium Ion x6

Core SWX NANO Micro 98Wh V-Mount Battery x2

Cores SWX Mini Dual Charger

Switronix Core SWX Charger

Canon LP-E6 Lithium Ion x9

Sony NP-F970 x5

Sony NP-FZ100 x8

FreeFly Lithium Polymer 2.6Ah MoVI M10 Battery x3


Hollyland Solidcom C-1 Wireless Headset x12

Rugged Radios Radio V3 x12

Rugged Radios Radio V3 Extended Battery x12

Rugged Radios Radio V3 Long Range x12

Rugged Radios Radio V3 6 Bank Charger x2

Rugged Radios Radio V3 Ear Piece x6

Taps Media Cinema Camera Red Digital Cinema

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APA Arizona Production Association Proud Member
TAPS Media Accredited Agency DesignRush 2023
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