The Production Process



Creating the script to use as a guide to production.

Brief Story Outline

Strategy and Goals

Purpose of the advertisement or promotional film. Understanding the objective. Identifying audience.

Project Timeline

Delivery dates of first, second and final cut.


Location Scouting

Finding locations for each scene.


Finding talent for each scene and location


A visual guide for framing and talent.


Style of picture in detail. Lenses used and angle of the camera.

Acquiring Permits

Some locations may require permits.

Call Sheet

Names of everyone on set. Setting arrival times for each crew member, talent and client.

Set Design


Cameras / Audio / Lights


Interviews / b-roll / voiceover / foley


Logging Interviews

Creating “ins” and “outs” for each interview

Music Selection

Selecting the music or obtaining a music score

Creating Timeline

Creating the editing timeline while sticking to the storyboard or shotlist. Cutting the picture to the voiceover.

First Delivery

The first delivery will most likely have some revisions needed

Second / Final Delivery

Revisions are made upon the clients request.


Taps Media is a full service video production company producing high quality video and photography.


We produce content that is a valuable and powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience. We produce compelling solutions that your customers connect with; that they can imagine using in their own lives; that they cannot imagine living without.


We bring your business to life in the digital world whether it be content in the form of commercials, digital advertising campaigns, trade shows, web, social media, search optimizations or all of the above.


Our approach to helping you make your business unforgettable is to understand your business, its goals, and your target audience. Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will connect with your audience. We want you to get the most out of your investment.

Phase One


The first step in the process of creating a film is to bring the stakeholders and production team together to discuss the scope of the project. This process identifies elements such as branding, target audience, the tone and feel for the project.

Phase Two


The second step in the process includes the organization for the road ahead. It is essential to do all the necessary pre-planning, research, problem-solving and organization necessary to set your video project up to be successful. In this phase we identify your timeline, characters, locations and acquiring the essential information for the final planning phases of production.

Phase Three


Preparation is now complete and the story begins to come to life. During this stage the cameras are built, the lights come out and the sound is rolling. We have our guidelines from the pre-production stage to lead us to success.

Phase Four


After the production phase is complete, the post-production team begin the process of reviewing the footage, sorting the footage and stitching the story together piece by piece. Once the first draft is produced, the revision process begins. Once the video is finalized and approved, it’s then time to export and format the project to the specific platform for optimal playback.

Taps Media Cinema Camera Red Digital Cinema
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