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Testimonial Video Production


"I came to TAPS looking for a team to produce and shoot a video for one of my Arizona based clients. They handled everything from pre to post production effortlessly. I had full trust in their team to get the job done and they exceeded my expectations. They went above and beyond in finding actors, locations, permits, etc. I highly recommend them for any of your production needs!"


"First off I would say the TAPS crew is one of the best teams I've worked with. When a pro editor looks at your footage and says "wow who shot that?" you know you got magic.
The thing I love about them is the fact that they have great ideas that add to your project without being overbearing or coming off like know it alls. They are very professional and produce great work. I was blown away with how well they make things look even at a rushed pace. I highly recommend TAPS if you are looking for fresh eyes on your project."


"Ryan and Quinn are absolute pros! They managed the production of our promotional video from when it was just an idea, and made it a reality. Through the planning stage, they adapted to requests and changes, adapted to helping book talent to securing locations to providing extremely helpful creative feedback. They went above and beyond to make the best possible version of what we had envisioned and I cannot praise these artists enough. If you choose Taps for any media production project you will be doing your organization a huge favor as they will come through with absolutely stunning cinematic content that looks every bit like a Hollywood production."

Taps Media Testimonials
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